Gardens & Grounds

for our guests...

private beach and swimming dock
kayaks and rowboats
picnic area & charcoal grills
campfire ring

The Orendaga  |  the main house

The Orendaga is open year round for guests to enjoy both the beauty of an Adirondack Summer as well as the crisp, clear days of a Winter Wonderland. Here, your space is your own to get away from it all... our lakeside location and ever expanding gardens invite you to relax...

Find a restful spot on the sun-drenched lawn, or a bench amid the trees. Pick fresh herbs to complement your meal, and flowers for your table. Paddle the lake in our kayaks, and explore the Village on foot or by bicycle. Spend an afternoon at a Concert in the Park, and stop by the Farmer’s Market for fresh local produce. Cook out under the pine trees, play a game of horseshoes, and watch the sun set from your porch rocking chair.

Sound Perfect? Welcome to The Orendaga...

Our Commitment to Sustainability

For us, being "green" means making fundamental lifestyle and lifetime decisions, and creating business practices that are environmentally beneficial in the short AND long term... not for the sake of signing on to a marketing ethos.  We believe that with living in the Adirondack Park comes a responsibility to leave our small piece better than we found it.
Our commitment to conservation and the environment runs deep.
►We only clean and stock the Cabins & Suites with all-natural & biodegradable cleaning products.  These products are safer to use, safer to breathe, and do not pollute soils or create toxic run-off which destroys our waterways.
►In the Cabins & Suites, guests will notice energy efficient bulbs in the fixtures, compost & recycling bins in the kitchens, fans & fresh breezes instead of A/C, and 100% recycled and compostable paper & plastic products. Our kitchen trash bags are made from 55% recycled plastic requiring 40% less energy to manufacture.   Our small trash bags and compost bin bags are made from 100% compostable & GMO-free starch.
►To minimize the environmental burden of laundry, we request that guests reuse their linens & towels, we've purchased high efficiency energy star appliances, we use all-natural detergents, and line dry the linens whenever the weather cooperates!  
►We believe in keeping our money in the community, and purchasing goods & products from environmentally responsible companies. Our dollars are spent at local and regional farms and small businesses.
►In restoring the buildings, we've creatively reused as much as possible, and sought out salvaged and antique materials & fixtures.  We used Low, and No VOC paints, and sourced local lumber.  What we could not use was recycled or given away.  
►Our lawns, flower gardens, & vegetable garden are all grown organically. Compost generated from the gardens and from guest food waste is used to enrich the soil.  

Our efforts are ongoing, we are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the land and resources.  Let us know what you think!